About Ex´cess Records

Ex´cess Records is a Danish independent label, formed when Big Bang wanted to release their debut EP “Baby Blue” back in 1998. Back then the idea of creating a record company just for the sake of releasing a minor selection of artists was new and Ex´cess Records was one of the first real indie record companies.

After the release of Baby Blue, Big Bang made the next EP: “You´ve Gotta Move” in 2001 which was also released on Ex´cess Records.


In 2002 Ex´cess Records released Sugarbeet with their album: Music for Fish.

In 2005 Ex´cess Records released Lars Boutrup´s solo debut album: Music for Keyboards.

In 2008 we released the debut album of Juruda Music: The Magic Queen.

In 2011 Ex´cess Records released Lars Boutrup´s second solo album: The Symphonic Dream.

Now in 2012 we are releasing Juruda Music´s second album: “Whispers of Doom” – official release date 6th of August 2012.


Apart from releasing albums we support our artists and do as much for promotion for them as possible. We keep releases at a minimum in order to maintain maximum artist support – and hope you enjoy our releases and the material we produce for our artists.

As a final note – because we know artists and how precious your time is. At the moment we do not sign new artists, so instead of wasting time contacting us, we wish you great success on labels who do. Or the best of luck in creating your own independent label.